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We understand our customer desires to offer the ingredients that satisfy their real needs.

Comprital has always invested heavily in research. The application of new stabilisers, the development of alternative products, like hot ice cream or totally vegetable-based ice cream, and the creation of new flavours, like the lemon-based "Limoncello" that has been such a winner, are just some of the successes recorded.

The company's research endeavours are driven by consumer feedback; through close contact with the consumer, we strive to understand how he works, so as to be able to interpret his desires and discover what it is he really wants. Our research team is avaliable, every day, to offer technical assistance and support, to large and small concerns alike.


Via Verdi, 49 - 20090 Settala Milano
Tel. 0295770829 - Fax 02 95379118
P.Iva 07635090157
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