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Bases for Alcoholic Gelato and Concentrates
Gelato isn’t only a creamy texture, but also it means colour and taste. Some concentrated powders reach the top quality more than the most famous flavouring pastes. Therefore we are proud to offer a wide and impeccable range of them. And for the lovers of innovations, there is a base for alcoholic gelato: delicious to the palate.


This is our base to make sorbets with wines 

and spirits: an elegant trend which is becoming 

increasingly fashionable for attentive artisans. 

Local wines for connoisseurs or fashion drinks 

for the youngest shops, Alcolica “bears” well 

any type of alcoholic drink your want to offer, 

it is suitable for your creativity and gives fresh 

and flavorful feelings to the palate.
This line takes the winning and aromatic scent of the Speedy products. They have to be used in small doses and added to the bases as the flavoring pastes.

Lemon flavored powder product with stabiliser,natural flavor and lyophilized lemon juice.

SUPERYÒ Powder product with yoghurt and natural flavors for a delicate taste rich in whole yoghurt.

100% liquorice natural powder without flavor enhancers and sugars.

YOPIÙ Powder product with yoghurt and a bold and persistent flavor. A classic of gelato making.

Powder product, cold or hot soluble, to boost the flavor of milk gelato at pleasure.

Powder product, cold or hot soluble, to boostthe flavor of milk gelato at pleasure.

MASCARGEL A mascarpone powder to strenghten the taste of your gelato or to create new flavors(ie cheesecake).

CIOCCOLATO MIX GIUBILEO Powder product, cold or hot soluble, to boost the flavor of milk gelato at pleasure.

CIOCCOLATO 130 In Comprital we believe that the best chocolate is in powder and not in paste. Cioccolato 130 is the evidence: added to the white powder, from 80 to 130 grams per litre, it will give you all shades from milk chocolate to dark chocolate.

SUPERLEMON S.A.  The fragrance of famous speedy limone in this concentrated powder mix. Without stabilisers, it must be added to the fruit mixture, as a simple flavor, without dosing more components, as it often occurs with flavoring paste.

MATCHA For a new Japanese-like high class touch, the true pure Japanese green tea, without addition of colourings or flavors as required by Giubileo. Another excellence and high class touch in your gelato shop.




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