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Express Gelato

The concept of “express gelato” is the new approach to the production of fresh gelato, the opportunity to produce the right volumes with the right investment, but without renouncing to obtain a product with a quality similar to the one of great gelato makers. The Speedy line with Differently diluted, can be used in a soft serve machine to produce express gelato. 

The express gelato concep is the quickest way towards success for many business wich are still looking for different levels of performance depending on the different levels of investment.

Soft level – The ideal solution to offer gelato in small business such as bars, coffee shops, gyms and book stores. The combination among a simple preparation, the ease in service and the pureness of taste  with the lowest investment.

Flexi Level - The same results of a big gelato shop with reasonable costs to bring daily a true fresh gelato in restaurants, big coffee shops, yoghurt parlours and hotels... In a perfectly repeatable way, tray by tray, evenwith non-professional operators.  

Also The true advantage of gelato, even if made in the soft serve machine, is to be stored for a long time at a temperature below zero.  That means the opportunity to produce small tubs to store in a freezing cabinet (for example, in a restaurant) or in a small showcase (for example, in a coffee shop or in a yoghurt shop) to serve it with spatula during the day. The soft serve machine can then prepare other  products, as for example a soft serve vanilla in the restaurant gazebo or frozen yoghurt in the yoghurt shops. The highest return with the minimum investment.

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