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We have started many years ago with a product called Frozen Yo+ which today we identify with  the adjective “Classic”, due to the success  we achieved over time. But our research produced  mixes which were able to anticipate the customer needs, such as the N version, defined “Natural”, due to the lack  of saccharose sugar (sweetened with fructose), emulsifying  agents and stabilisers, for a “natural” and clean label.
We have created products without lactose,  as the yoghurt should be (Frozen Yo+ LF) and others that can be used to produce yoghurt-based trays, sticks, cakes and biscuits (Frozen Yo+ Greek) that can be stored in the freezer for a long time.
Plus a version without added sugars, sweetened with stevia, with very low calories, but so creamy and tasty that it matches perfectly with the Classic version (Frozen Yo+ STV).
Already flavoured products (with the taste of mango, pomegranate, strawberry and chocolate) and specific products for the smoothies make the Comprital yoghurt range the most innovative and the widest in the market, with a young and unique packaging.

Frozen Yo+
The history of the frozen yoghurt, with its acid and fresh taste, fat free and based on fresh milk and yoghurt. Available also in the W version (water) to simply dilute with water and yoghurt.

A product to dilute simply with water and yoghurt.

The cleanest label: without thickeners, emulsifying agents and saccharose sugar, but sweetened with fructose. Fresh and creamy with the same dilution of the Classic version.

Highly creamy and solid yoghurt that can be used to produce trays, sticks, cakes and biscuits; perfect for take away too.

Without lactose as the fresh yoghurt. Suitable for an attentive diet, but as much tasty as the classic version.

The first yoghurt “with no added sugars” but sweetened with stevia, the natural 2000s sweetener. With very low calories (30% less than a standard product) and rich in fibres.

A soft, creamy, low-acid product with a delicate and long lasting taste. Base Smoothies The ideal product to prepare an icy yoghurt drink in a blender or in a slush maker. The dose changes depending on the application.

Pomegranate, chocolate strawberry and many other flavours, in a ready-to-use bag, with the right level of acidity and sweetness.The 1.5 kg bag has to be diluted with milk or milk and yoghurt. If this wasn’t sufficient, our pastes  and toppings enable to create lots of interpretations.

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