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Fruit Bases
Stabilising mixes to obtain fruit sorbets without milk and fats, with a long lasting, creamy and spoonable texture. In order to obtain special results, the bases can be combined with Integra Frutta, Integra Fibra and Cremolina. The entire know-how and experience of Comprital in a bag.

Speedy Frutta STV
The Speedy range includes now a product without added sugars to make a sorbet with a lot of fresh fruit, but with low-calories and glycaemic index. A new product based on the sweetening features of Stevia, natural ingredient by now increasingly more used in the world. The quick preparation (water, product and fresh fruit) makes it the ideal accessory in the show case of handmade gelato makers, who are attentive to the most innovative market trends.

A low-dose fruit base without milk or fats. It offers the highest performances in terms of stability and texture, even with the most acid ingredients such as lemon and passion fruit. This product is quickly and completely soluble, in fact it does not require any ageing time, even if cold prepared. The gelato becomes creamy and spoonable for a very long time thanks to the optimal distribution of air bubbles in the sorbet. Combine it with the INTEGRA line: the result will be amazing.

Speedy Frutta
The quickest and simplest way to make an excellent sorbet with cane sugar and fructose using fresh or frozen fruit. The final result is a creamy sorbet with a rich texture.
Besides, the use of Speedy Frutta in the gelato machines allows speeding up the production and reduces the possibility of errors.

The evolution of a product which has made the great history of our Company. Indeed it was difficult to imagine a further improvement of our fruit base, but the experience we have made over ten years of researches has allowed us doing a new technological step forward. Perfectissima is a new goal for the enhancement of fruit gelato thanks to the new balance of the combination of the Perfecta’s typical stabilisers and emulsifying agents with a refined mix of vegetable fibres and complex carbohydrates. So Perfectissima has originated with a dose of 80 grams per litre, cold soluble, but usable also with the practical sugar syrups. The Perfectissima’s advantages consist of a top and long lasting creamy texture (but without using milk fats and derivatives), a great stability to thermal shocks and, above all, the natural look of fruit and its bold colour for a showcase displaying wonderful natural tones.

Giubileo Fruit Base
In this case we searched for the best quality fruit sorbet with the lower number of ingredients on its label. The only stabiliser used for the base is pectin, whilst fats and emulsifying agents were eliminated as well as glucose, dextrose and all other sugars, except of cane sugar. We suggest preparing the sorbet with 50% of fresh or frozen fruit, without adding fruit concentrates, aromas and colourings. We believe that a good sorbet has to be made only with lots of fruit; therefore we have conceived the process of this base. The product has to be  prepared with hot water, possibly using the specific programmes of the Giubileo XLP for the best preparation. The same products can be used with cold water in order to prepare a tasteful cremolata (Italian ices).

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That’s the top quality sorbet. Did you ever imagine to produce a sorbet using only fruit without water? Now it’s possible with Solofrutta. Liquidize 3 kg of strawberries, dilute a Solofrutta
bag with the juice, mix them together and then freeze them. The sorbet will contain 75% of fruit. But, since Solofrutta consists of fructose and fruit fibres, the fruit content and its derivatives will amount to more than 98% in the sorbet. And why shouldn’t you try the special recipes for a chocolate or yoghurt sorbet with Solofrutta?

Giubileo Frutta Più Base
That’s a concentrated version of the Giubileo Frutta in order that the gelato maker can characterise the sorbet at the utmost level thanks to the optimal dose of sugar (possibly cane sugar and grape sugar). The artisan can also use the Integra Fibra, a texture improver that we recommend above all to prepare sorbets with juicy fruits (such as lemon juice, for example), which often require the addition of solids to keep their softness. Glucose, dextrose, maltodextrin, starches, emulsifying agents and stabilisers with exotic names were replaced by fructose, pectin and vegetable fibres: all highly appreciated ingredients by the final consumer. Also in this case, the mix has to be hot prepared, possibly using the appropriate Giubileo
XLP machine with its dedicated programmes.

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Soluzione Frutta Giubileo 

Soluzione Frutta is the solution for the gelato maker who wants easiness and the highest quality. A liquid mix with ingredients that the consumer knows well (cane sugar, grape sugar…), the use of pectin as only stabiliser, and its application to sorbets with a high percentage of fruit (or semifreddo with impeccable label) make it the ideal product for sorbets and Italian ices, with an outstanding list of ingredients. Even the most demanding customer will be convinced, day by day, by this product without milk derivatives and fats. Soluzione Frutta contains about 70° Bx and 267 Kcal/ 100 g. Today available in the new and practical Tetra Pak packaging.

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