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Milk Bases

Our research focuses on the composition of milk gelato bases, the true distinctive elements as regards the know-how of the companies producing gelato ingredients.
Either bases without (hydrogenated or refined) vegetable fats or bases with vegetable fats are available.

Base 50
Very “warm” and creamy base,  because of the presence of complex starches. Good cream/milk taste, suitable to enhance the flavour of pastes.
Bilanciata Base 100

A traditional base, free from vegetable fats, only hot soluble, as required by professionals. Starch with different viscosities inside it makes the gelato creamy, smooth and velvety, long-lasting in the shop window with a natural, clean and rightly persistent taste. A traditional base for a modern and elegant gelato.

Chimera 50
An innovative base with  fractionated milk fats and a very good cold solubility.  It provides a creamy, stable and rich gelato even with a low fat recipe. Cream flavour.
Invidia 100
An extraordinary base with fractionated and emulsified milk fats, milk proteins and natural fibres enabling to minimise the amount of stabilisers to obtain a creamy, rich and spoonable gelato. Both cold and hot soluble, with a rich and strong milk and cream flavour due to the natural taste of the milk ingredients. The texture is better than the one obtained with hydrogenated vegetable fats. The dream of many and the Invidia (envy) of as many.
Unica 100
A base which is easy to use, with a neutral flavour based on freezedried cream which doesn’t cover the taste of the flavouring pastes. Thanks to its very good cold solubility, it is ideal for complex and unique recipes.

Giubileo Milk Base
A completely natural base, free from vegetable fats and emulsifying agents, artificial aromas and synthesis stabilisers. It is free from reducing sugars (dextrose, fructose) and complex
sugars (maltodextrin). It’s the ideal product to prepare a milk gelato with a very good creamy structure and a natural and delicate flavour, but keeping a perfectly “clean” and clear ingredient list for consumer. In order to achieve the best performance and image of the ingredient list, we recommend using the base combined with the grape sugar that we produce. This sugar, in the prescribed doses, can replace all other existing sugars for gelato mixes (except of saccharose).

To find more information about Giubileo Experience visit:

Bon Bon 150
Product with a high concentration of milk derivatives (EC quality hallmark). The main ingredient is freeze-dried cream. Free from vegetable fats. Classic cream/milk flavour.

Compripan 100
An improved and enriched version of Compripan 50, to obtain an excellent gelato with quite simple recipes.

Idra 50
Very similar to the Chimera, it contains vegetable fats to obtain a clear milk flavour and an extraordinary resistance to thermal shocks. Completely soluble in cold milk. 

San Marco 100 / San Marco 100 Panna
It’s the base with the best value for price, soluble in cold and hot milk, creamy and well spoonable. It originates with a neutral flavour, but today it’s available also in a cream version.

Nirvana 100 and 100 R / Nirvana Panna
A high success all over the world due to the stability and richness of this base. It has a neutral flavour (a cream flavoured version is also available) and is soluble both in cold and hot milk. Generally it’s combined with Integra Latte and Integra Panna to obtain unique, rich, spoonable gelato with a long lasting creaminess. The R version is prepared with refined vegetable oils.

Musa 150
A soluble product in cold or hot milk, easy to use. Indeed, it allows obtaining a gelato with a high overrun and an excellent “warm” texture. Plus, it maintains its spoonable feature for a long time. Milk-cream flavour.

Royal Base 180
A strong milk flavour for this base with a long and successful tradition: even with simple recipes it provides a gelato with an excellent and long lasting texture. Thanks to this base the gelato flavours are rich and tasteful.

Base Italia 250 / Base Italia 500

Two complete basic mixtures (add sugar to Italia 250) to prepare a well-balanced gelato with the highest ease and practicalness. A very good quality-price ratio minimizing production errors with the certainty of repeatability of result make the new Italia line a guarantee of success for the users.

Heidi Base
A high dosage base for milk gelato, with a dose of 300 g/l, in order to obtain a top quality gelato texture in a simple and practical way, both cold and hot, minimising possible errors due to weighting. Thanks to its flexibility, it resists to different temperatures and thermal shocks and can be adapted to every show case.

Groundgel 500
A high dosage base, soluble in water, which can be characterised by various flavours. It is the ideal product at the gelato parlours as regards safety, ease in handling and quickness in preparation.


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