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The Gastronomic Gelato

Giubileo Chef Experience is a powder base line designed exactly for the gastronomic world, to combine gelato with high quality cuisine in creative recipes with vegetables, cheese and meat.

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An exclusive label for high cuisine

Giubileo Chef Experience is part of the Giubileo Experience program, adapting the same characteristics to the gastronomic applications, quality, genuineness, texture and persistence of taste, plus an exceptionally low POD value (sweetening power).

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“Giubileo Chef Experience” CREMA is the perfect base for a rich and smooth gelato that with a great structure will be perfectly suitable to combine with high-flavor ingredients such as cheese, meats, truffles.

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“Giubileo Experience” SORBETTO is the ideal base to prepare vegetable sorbets. It offers a fresh and clean result enhancing the taste of ingredients which play key roles in recipes.

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Show Excellence

Present “Giubileo Chef Experience” in glass jars. The customer will take home an extraordinary flavored and innovative gelato.

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Discover all the secrets of the Gastronomic Gelato at our Athenaeum Courses

Subscribe at the “Gelato Gastronomico” course in Athenaeum Comprital, the most advanced training center in the sector. The Micheline star chef Marcello Trentini will teach you how to combine refined gelato flavors to the high cuisine.




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