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The Natural Gelato

Giubileo Experience integrates products, technologies and services for all professionals who want to achieve the goal of a homemade, natural, high quality ice cream.


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Only genuine and natural ingredients, easily recognizable by the consumer for a gelato with an impeccable taste and structure. Services and counseling for a path of professional growth to be done together.






Only Natural Ingredients

Giubileo Experience is composed only of highly selected natural ingredients, without vegetable fats, emulsifiers, synthesis stabilizers, for a gelato with an impeccable taste and structure.


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A “Clean” Label

With Giubileo Experience you have a gelato with a "clean" label made up of a few simple and natural ingredients that best meets the needs of today's consumers.

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A Complete Offer

Giubileo Experience offers a complete line of products to create everything that the best gelato shop needs to face all aspects of seasonality.


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Grape Sugar

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Grape sugar is a natural product, existing only in liquid form, obtained from grape must.

It is composed of fructose, glucose, minor sugars and sweet polyalcohols.

This natural composition makes it perfect for artisanal gelato, giving it a softness and a silkiness that is prolonged over time.

The Comprital grape sugar has a concentration of about 65 ° brix and a caloric power of 267 kCal / 100 g, has a slightly fruity taste and aroma and does not cover the original flavors of the gelato but tends to enhance both the classic and fruit flavors.








Soluzione Frutta

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Soluzione Frutta is the answer to the application of practicality and quality of the artisan gelato maker.

The clean composition with ingredients known to the consumer (brown sugar, grape sugar), the use of pectin as the only stabilizer, the application in sorbets with high percentages of fruit, make the product not only ideal for producing high quality sorbets and cremolate with ingredients impeccable but also wonderful semifreddi combining it with fresh cream.

Constant day after day, your fruit sorbet, without milk or fat derivatives, will convince even the most demanding customers.









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A revolutionary technology

Through the micronization process obtained with the Giubileo Experience micronizer, you have an extraordinarily smooth, silky, soft gelato on your palate.


The uniqueness of the Giubileo Experience ingredients is enhanced in the process to which the liquid mixtures are subjected through the exclusive Giubileo XLP, a machine that micronizes individual tastes (in just one minute of processing), up to 40 microns, ensuring a taste full and rich, and a smooth and silky texture never tried.

This specific process produces a very soft gelato even at the lowest temperatures. The gelato prepared with the Giubileo Experience technology is an ideal product for the creation of cakes, biscuits and sticks, which remain soft and tasty even after a long stay in home freezers.




Fusion Style
by Giubileo Experience

The chef Filippo Novelli takes you on a creative journey that combines great oriental cuisine with the world of Italian gelato. A path full of refined suggestions dedicated to those who have a passion for experimentation and also love for taste and genuineness.

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Gianluca Fusto Style
by Giubileo Experience

Internationally renowned pastry chef Gianluca Fusto offers his experience and passion for a range of high-quality cakes and desserts.

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Knam Evolution
by Giubileo Experience

Ernst Knam, internationally renowned master chocolatier and television star, signs for Giubileo Experience new proposals related to chocolate, intended to excite the world of gelato excellence.

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Manual of Excellence




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