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Comprital - Realtà Aumentata

Innovation has always been one of the founding values of Comprital. Conprital is now taking its mission to  the next level, becoming the first brand in the industry to use augmented reality for its communication strategies, thus establishing a direct dialogue with the customer.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is a new  technology that allows anyone with a smartphone to access a whole set of content to interact with the world surrounding them. 

By scanning the QR code, the user will have access to the contents and enjoy an experience that enhances and enriches reality.

Augmented reality deeply changes the customer experience because it connects the phisical
and digital world
. Each touchpoint becomes a full immersion into the discovery that excites, involves, informs and establishes a new communication channel between brand and customer.

The advantages of a connected pack

Thanks to augmented reality, Comprital brings the packaging to life and provides timely information to its customers precisely when they need it the most, that is, when they are using the product. By framing the QR Code on the packaging, customers will be able to access exclusive content, get in touch with chefs and ice cream makers of the Comprital Athenaeum, ask for support and do many other things.

Here are the first products to be presented in augmented reality: Le Glasse di Fusto e Speedy Classic

Comprital - realtà aumentata

The Comprital world ar your fingertips

Customers will be welcomed by two representatives of the Comprital family: the chef Gianluca Fusto and the ice cream maker of the Aetheneum, Mattia Mainardi.

 Comprital - realtà aumentata

Chef Fusto will accompany the customer on a journey of discovery of his glazes, sharing his tips and video demonstrations. Of course it will be possible to get a souvenir photo in augmented reality with the chef to frame or share with friends right away! Mattia Mainardi will introduce Speedy, its applications and the complete recipe book comprising 150 delicacies.

Each single Comprital pack becomes a call to action

Starting from March 2022, the new packaging will play a part in the Augmented Reality project

Comprital - realtà aumentata

Try the augmented reality experience now

Comprital - realtà aumentata