Milk and Fruit Bases


    A completely natural base, free from vegetable fats and emulsifying agents, artificial aromas and synthesis stabilisers. It is free from reducing sugars (dextrose, fructose) and complex sugars (maltodextrin). It’s the ideal product to prepare a milk gelato with a very good creamy structure and a natural and delicate flavor, but keeping a perfectly “clean” and clear ingredient list for consumer. In order to achieve the best performance and image of the ingredient list, we recommend using the base combined with the grape sugar that we produce. This sugar, in the prescribed doses, can replace all other existing sugars for gelato mixes (except of saccharose).


    With the same philosophy of the Giubileo Latte,t his base contains a high percentage of purechocolate for a rich and long lasting chocolategelato. Also in this case, the complete lackof added vegetable fats, emulsifying agentsand thanks to raw cane sugar and extracts ofnatural vanilla, the gelato isn’t only very good,but also with an ingredient label which is itself a spur to sales. Therefore, due to the lack of the usual sugars that the consumer doesn’t know well (dextrose, maltodextrin...), we recommend the addition of grape sugar syrup, which was expressly selected to obtain the best gelato’s performance. The mix has to be hot prepared either in a pasteurizer or using the Giubileo XLP gelato blender with hot milk. Now a milk Chocolate version is also available, with the same quality features of the previous, but with the soft and delicate taste appreciated by all customers.

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    In this case we searched for the best quality fruit sorbet with the lower number of ingredients on its label.The only stabiliser used for the base is pectin, whilst fats and emulsifying agents were eliminated as well as glucose,dextrose and all other sugars, except of cane sugar. We suggest preparing the sorbet with 50% of fresh or frozen fruit, without adding fruit concentrates, aromas and colourings. We believe that a good sorbet has to be made only with lots of fruit; therefore we have conceived the process of this base. The product has to be prepared with hot water, possibly using the specific programmes of the Giubileo XLP for the best preparation. The same products can be used with cold water in order to prepare a tasteful cremolata (Italian ices).

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    That’s a concentrated version of the Giubileo Frutta in order that the gelato maker can characterise the sorbet at the utmost levelthanks to the optimal dose of sugar (possibly cane sugar and grape sugar). The artisan can also use the Integra Fibra, a texture improver that we recommend above all to prepare sorbets with juicy fruits (such as lemon juice, for example), which often require the addition of solids to keep their softness. Glucose, dextrose, maltodextrin, starches, emulsifying agents and stabilisers with exotic names were replaced by fructose, pectin and vegetable fibres: all highly appreciated ingredients by the final consumer. Also in this case, the mix has to be hot prepared, possibly using the appropriate Giubileo XLP machine with its dedicated programmes.

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    Soluzione Frutta is the solution for the gelato maker who wants easiness and the highest quality. A liquid mix with ingredients that the consumer knows well (cane sugar, grape sugar…), the use of pectin as only stabiliser, and its application to sorbets with a high percentage of fruit (or semifreddo with impeccable label) make it the ideal product for sorbets and Italian ices, with an outstanding list of ingredients. Even the most demanding customer will be convinced, day by day, by this product without milk derivatives and fats. Soluzione Frutta Comprital contains about 70° Bx and 267 Kcal/100g. Today available in the new and practical Tetra Pak packaging.

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